Ludo Master Pro – Offline

Play Ludo Master Pro Offline, play game with your friends and family without even connecting to any online account. Ludo Master is modern version of the Royal Pachisi Game. A Ludo Master game was played between kings and Indians in ancient times. Just roll the dice and move forward your chips to reach the center of the Ludo. You need to defeat other players to become Master of Ludo.

🌟Reviews of Ludo Master Pro.🌟
👍Ludo master is the most famous and exciting ludo game.
👍Recall and enjoy your childhood memories with your friends.
👍If you are looking for classic game, then you must go for Ludo Master.

🌟Features of Ludo Master.🌟
★ Multiplayer Mode
Ludo Master Pro is a board game, you can play between 2 to 4 players. You can play the game with your friends, family or against the computer ( AI Computer ).

★ Interesting and Challenging.
The game is simple at first but it will become challenging once you play with experience players.

★ Play Rules .
The rules are simple -> Each and every player will get 4 Chips, Those are required to make a full turn of the board and reach to the center of the ludo master game. The one who first reach the center with all 4 chips will be deemed as the winner.

★ Sound Control
You can control your sound setting from speaker icon just click on it to on/off your music or sound effect and after that again click on speaker icon to go back to main menu.

★ Game Save
This ludo game saves your game automatically so you can play the incomplete game again without loosing the last position of your chips. But be careful while selecting YES or No while system asking to you about your choice after pressing the back button.