Boom Rhythm Maker

Boom Rhythm Maker

If you are a music maker, then this app is specially for you to make your choice music by using custom beats and effects. Boom Rhythm Maker is a kind of drum pad app to make music and create beats directly on your android devices. This professional music app will guide you about all the secrets to create your own songs on the go.

Do you like music ?, then checkout the features.

# You can go for this boom rhythm maker app to create your own music without garage band?

# Using this app feels like walking a band with you.

# It will teach you how to beat drum machine easily.

# If you are a drummer you gonna like this app

# Download this app if you want to create music without real music instrument?

# There are multi track synthesizer, you can also save recording and share.

# This is easy to learn and use, you can create wonderful music with ease.

# You can set BPM as per your choice.

# It has also feature to increase the Beats Length but you have to play first loop till complete the end to change the length of beats from maximum to minimum.

# One click clear the whole drum pad beats.